The IV International Investment Forum titled “GAGAUZIA INVEST – 2018” was held on November 3, 2018 in capital of UTA Gagauzia, Comrat city. This forum was organized by Executive Commitee of Gagauzia. The main purpose of the event is to increase the investment flows to Gagauzia by informing foreign investors on investment opportunities, facilitating the dialogue between foreign investors and local companies, identifying and promoting various investment projects.

Tatarstan president

The forum was attended by 207 of participants from a number of countries such as Belarus, Germany, Romania, Russia (Tatarstan), Turkey.


CEE BC Moldova voluntarily helped in organization of Investment forum. Participants invited and sponsored by CEE BC Moldova were: delegation from Belarus, representatives of Schenker Romania, and representatives of A S Blue. Belarus delegation included 7 members. Member of the Belarus delegation Natalia Harbuz, PPD International Consortium took a speech on this forum. Natalia shared with the belarussian experience of improving the business climate, showed the results of the study of the business optimism index. She gave some examples of success stories that show the development of public-private dialog in Belarus and the importance of business communications among business associations in Tiple 6 countries (Eastern Partnership countries, Central Asia and West Balkans countries). Natalia mentioned that she sees a big potential in Gagauzia for developing small and medium business in point of view good dialog between business and authorities on the various levels.


Shortly, results of Investment forum are following:

  • Memorandum of Cooperation between CEE BC Moldova and Brest regional public Association «Union of Entrepreneurs, Employers and Сraftsmen», the city of Brest, Belarus was signed on the 3d of November 2018.

  • Filial of Schenker will be opened in Gagauzia on November 2018.

  • A S Blue will open its office in Gagauzia in 2018.

  • Rotary Club Gagauzia will be opened in Gagauzia in 2018.

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