How can we bring new ideas to Gagauzia?

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How can we bring new ideas to Gagauzia? How to contribute to solutions addressing the challenges of changing societies and economies? Bill Price is the mastermind behind the Council for a 21st Century progressive Economy. After the successful event asking the question „Are we prepared“ we discussed today a potenial follow up event „How to proceed“ shall discuss necessary steps to better master „the future“. CEE BC Moldovawants be part of it!

Reisesalon in Vienna offers great opportunities to market destinations and events.


The fair could be an important vehicle to get Gagauzia on the touristic radar of Central European consumers! Why not promote Heyderlez, the Wine Festival or the national costumes festival here? I talked to some of the exhibitors to find out more. There is one very interesting booth offering tours to Chernobyl. Wlodek Szelag, director of Polish Tourism Promotion office in Vienna is happy about the fair. He offers a Wodka Tasting! Good offers from Moldova, the Caucasus or Central Asia are still rare! Maybe a good reason to go for it! CEE BC will try to lead the effort!



The IV International Investment Forum titled “GAGAUZIA INVEST – 2018” was held on November 3, 2018 in capital of UTA Gagauzia, Comrat city. This forum was organized by Executive Commitee of Gagauzia. The main purpose of the event is to increase the investment flows to Gagauzia by informing foreign investors on investment opportunities, facilitating the dialogue between foreign investors and local companies, identifying and promoting various investment projects.