CEE- business council Uniting the business community of WB6 & EaP & CA

18 economies united in, to and with Europe Brussels-Kyiv-Tirana-Tashkent

CEE-BC Moldova - a public association (NGO), registered in the summer of 2018 in Comrat, the main city of Gagauzia autonomy, and which sets ambitious goals that will promote the development of the entrepreneurial environment in Gagauzia and dialogue with the authorities.

Our main activities:

- Attraction of foreign investments

We will promote the expansion of business cooperation; Disseminate of foreign experience, modern European technologies; Establishment of contacts with foreign missions, firms on the development of Gagauzia.

- Development of tourism services

We will promote tourism projects and platforms in Gagauzia; Develop tourism and outdoor activities; Help in attracting foreign tour operators.

- Consulting

We will constantly organize and hold conferences, seminars, trainings (including preparation of project applications for grants and international technical assistance); Promote the development of the start-up system in Gagauzia

- And last but not least promotion of agriculture and food production

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